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Silicon Valley Fund: Welcome
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Silicon Valley Fund


The Silicon Valley Fund name is short for Silicon Valley Aggressive Growth Fund, launched in the Spring 2017 semester as part of San Jose State University’s Lucas College of Business. The Fund began its journey with the funding and support of Dr.Nancie Fimbel and the Center for Banking and Financial Services (CBFS). The Fund utilizes fundamental analysis to evaluate investment companies that are part of the Spartan Bay Area Index. The Spartan Bay Area Index is custom-built and made up of Bay Area companies that are also part of the Russell 2000 Index. The student-managed investment fund provides students with hands-on learning experience through the built-in Learning and Development Committee. With an initial $30,000 provided by our sponsors, undergraduate students are assigned and responsible for evaluating companies that are part of the Spartan Bay Area Index.
Moreover, the Fund primarily uses 12 Bloomberg terminals that the school generously provides for equity research and individual certifications. Internally, the Fund comprises equity research analysts, portfolio managers, board members, and the board of donors. With voting rights among certain student board members such as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Development Officer, companies are evaluated through industry reviews, presentations, and ongoing equity research.

Our Mission

We believe that having the opportunity to manage real money is an exceptional and unique valuation learning experience. In that respect, the fund will be managed on a continuous basis throughout the semester and academic years by a selective and bright group of students.
We believe that the market is weak-form efficient so that through mostly fundamental analysis we can pick stocks that reveal superior market values. We strive to beat the Spartan Bay Area Index by creating a portfolio of stocks with superior value. The focus will be both on valuation as well as in portfolio management.
The fund aims to support and invest in Silicon Valley Bay Area companies, providing mutual benefits to both the companies and analysts who will become very familiar with the financial and operation side of the companies they evaluate. Prepping them for their next step after graduation with strong research and financial analysis skills that are needed in many finance and accounting rules in the Valley.
In collaboration with the Spartan fund, the Fund plans to develop strong teams to continue competing and succeeding at local and national investment and accounting competitions.

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