Meet The Officers

Grace Koz


                Finance 20'


My hobbies: I enjoy horseback riding and cross-country skiing. 

Hunter Faughnan

Executive Vice President / CIO /

VP of Membership

Finance 20'

My hobbies: I like to study judaism in my free time.

Thinh (Brian) Phan

VP of Marketing

Finance 20'

My hobbies: I enjoy outdoor activities and going on roadtrips.

Victoria Mihm

VP of Events

Finance 20'

My hobbies: I enjoy working on cars and surfing.

Waddah Alabduljabbar

VP of Finance

Global Operations Management 20'

My hobbies: I'm studying to become a sheikh, such as my dad. Stay halal.

Craig Conroy

VP of Communications

Finance 20'

Hobbies: I like to practice ballet. I'm a professional ballerina and chef.

Iqbal Saini

VP of Technology / VP of Operations

Finance 20'

Hobbies: I enjoy going to beaches and trying new foods.

Atom Murata

VP of Fundraising

Mathematics 20'

Hobbies: I enjoy hiking and long walks on the beach.

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