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About Us

A Vibrant Learning Environment


Centered in the heart of Silicon Valley, The Banking and Investment Association is an undergraduate organization at San José State University, working closely with the faculty and its office members to enhance the undergraduate experience and meet the student body's needs. The organization was created in the Spring of 2009 as the Banking and Financial Services Club. After merging with Spartan Investors, a new club was made. Our main goal is to promote activities that benefit the financial community, students, and faculty. In doing so, we can develop strong finance leaders.

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Our Mission

We believe in bringing students together to form a powerful learning environment through informative speakers, networking opportunities, community involvement, and exclusive internships that will effectively create future financial leaders.

What We Offer

Audiovisual Conference

Networking Opportunities

Throughout weekly professional development meetings, members have the opportunity to listen, speak, and connect with a broader range of industry professionals. 

Stock Market Quotes

Spartan Fund

With an initial $50,000 provided by our sponsor, undergarment students are assigned and responsible for industries that are composed in the S&P 500 Index under the Global Industry Classification Standards. 

Dollar Bills


The Center for Banking and Financial Services (CBFS) is proud to award up to $20,000 scholarships to BIA members during the Spring 2023 term.

We constantly update our site with all that’s happening at The Banking and Investment Association, so make sure you stay in touch.

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