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Spartan Fund

As part of San Jose State University’s Lucas College of Business and sponsored by Forest Systems, Inc., the student-managed investment fund provides students with hands-on learning and experiences in evaluating financial assets through market, industry, and corporate analysis.
With an initial $50,000 provided by our sponsor, undergraduate students are assigned and responsible for industries that are composed in the S&P 500 under the Global Industry Classification Standard.

Silicon Valley Fund

The Silicon Valley Fund, short for Silicon Valley Aggressive Growth Fund, was launched in the Spring 2017 semester as part of SJSU’s Lucas College of Business. The Fund began its journey with the funding and support of Dr. Nancie Fimbel and the Center for Banking and Financial Services (CBFS). The Fund utilizes fundamental analysis to evaluate investment companies that are part of the Spartan Bay Area Index.

Credit Analyst Program by Heritage Bank
(Fall 2023)

The credit Analyst program is hosted every October & November to introduce students to the credit analyst job and banking industry. Students who successfully participated in the meetings have the opportunity to get a credit analyst certificate and participate in the final competition.

Stock Market Challenge (Spring 2024)

Banking and Investment Association (BIA) would like to present the Investopedia Stock Simulator challenge to you. If you would like to participate in the challenge, you would need to create an account with Investopedia Simulator and join our Discord for details on how to participate. The top two winners of the challenge will be presented with a cash award during our last meeting.

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